Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Breaking news: ECW's new direction: the next generation of the WWE, in 3 weeks time

We interrupt all scheduled analysis ideas and posts for a special announcement: the future of ECW on SyFy has been revealed. It was revealed yesterday by a rather boisterous, confident, and somewhat reserved Mr. McMahon on the ECW broadcast (he probably felt that way because he just finished embarrassing Bret Hart one day prior on RAW). Anyhoo, Vince clearly stated that in 3 weeks time, ECW will be no more. In its place will be the next generation of the WWE through its superstars and its direction. McMahon stated that it would be an evolution of the WWE in many ways and that it will of course change the landscape of the WWE in one way or another. Then, he just left, no further questions. Ironically, that might have been the only interesting thing on ECW. I say "might" because the matches they had that night were visibly great. The problem is, well, they've happened already on one show or another. Still, the matches were good. Oh, and yes, I found the segment with Gregory Helms to be very interesting. It's funny how the WWE takes it to task to blend reality with kayfabe. Isn't this supposed to be a PG show? If that's the case, then maybe C.M. Punk should pay Helms and even Chris Jericho a visit (I mean, he already did in a way, when he posted their bail).

In any case, this was the big announcement that we have all been waiting for since the rumors dropped that ECW was getting the old "Heave Ho". I thought the WWE wouldn't bother trying to change it until after Wrestlemania, if not later this year. Instead, the changes will come either on the week of the Elimination Chamber PPV or the week after leading into Wrestlemania and onward. This is huge news. It's so huge that any ideas I had for analysis (the hurricane/Ryder feud, ECW's involvement in the big ppvs), have been put on complete and total hiatus. In fact, I'm not even going to reference them, since they aren't relevant anymore. I mean, they aren't going to even bother to continue with the Hurricane battle with his troubles. Also, since ECW won't really be around very long, why mention their existence? I said that ECW shouldn't be considered ECW now that Tommy Dreamer is gone. Strangely enough, he Twittered that his departure had something to do with this new direction. As expected, predicted, and acknowledged, there can be no ECW without a link to the past. Tommy was that link, and now he's gone, so there should be no ECW. I guess I was wrong. Someone in the WWE does have logic in mind when it comes to continuity and storylines.

So, where does that leave this wonderful blog? Well, it leaves me with the rest of the month to come up with analysis ideas that will sort of send off this wonderful blog and ECW together. The very last blog will either come on the Sunday of the final ECW or the night of or after the final ECW. So, what can you expect? Well, here's a breakdown:

-a full analysis on how this version of ECW did for the world of wrestling what the original did: push new stars, either successfully or unsuccessfully

-an analysis on how the WWE is now cashing in on this "evolution" of wrestling craze that has other federations (TNA, ROH, CHIKARA, Dragon Gate USA, and EVOLVE) chomping at the bit, waiting for the WWE to slip up

-a final analysis on this version of ECW and its tales of the tape against the current iterations of its potential competition (TNA and ROH)

-a farewell blog, for ECW, for myself, and for all those who listened, read, and supported ECW and this blog.

So, that's all for this week. Tune in the next 4 weeks for hopefully some of my best work, since, after all, it's my last work. It should be interesting, fun, and hopefully....extreme.

Take care now. Bye bye, then.

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