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Fan Appreciation Week: The failures and successes of the new ECW

For this year's ECW analysis, we have Vafa Behnam giving his insight on the failure of the new ECW. Check he and Nic Steenburg out at the website below:

Creatively speaking, it's their way of booking the WWE in a fantasy format.

Now, can ECW be seen as a failure? Well, let's see: it's the rebirth of the 7-year old revolution, coerced by Paul Heyman and Tod Gordon, and is lived vicariously through many different means. Compared to what we saw then, what we learned then, and what we encountered, it's not exactly a very good comparison. I could go on and on as to why that's the case, but this time, it's Vafa's turn. So, here we go. Feel free to comment on such:

What I would like to talk about in this post is how the new ECW completely embarrasses the original ECW. Its very essence does no justice to its past, whatsoever. What I would also like to mention is how ECW could not be listed as the C show. As bad as it sounds or seems, it's actually still pretty promising.

How does the new ECW embarrass its predecessor? For one, ECW stands for Extreme Championship Wrestling (notice the emphasis on the first word). Nowadays, if you switch on the channel, one bloody chair-shot is really asking for it. Even if in the old ECW, there was no hardcore action(which was rare), there would surely be explosive high-flying, terrific technical maneuvers, or extreme strength as a fine, blood-pumping substitute. If you need some evidence, search up any pre-2001 ECW video. I've even done the liberty of selecting a video right here:

Notice that at ringside in the video, you see tables, chairs, trash cans and tons of other hardcore weapons. Now, one part of ECW's failure has just been proven. However, three to four years ago, it wasn't the C show because of its wrestling talent. See, back then, it was real entertaining or at least remotely entertaining. Nowadays, ECW is neither. It's a place for youngsters to job while looking to make an impact, or washed-up has-beens who are looking to restart their careers. Even if they get the occasional wrestler who has talent, they instantly export him or her to some other brand, and in exchange, they get even more youngsters and has-beens.

Back in the day, heck, back three to four years ago, ECW would have some of the top talent in the WWE on the roster, such as the first and only ECW and WWE champion at the same time, six time IC champion, Mr. Money in the bank for the year of 2006 and grand slam champion, RVD, the world's largest athlete, the only wrestler to have held the WWE, WCW, and ECW titles, and highly decorated wrestling titlist, The Big Show and even the owner of the WWE, Vinny Mac was on ECW. So, what disappoints me the most is how ECW let itself go, dropping in entertainment, and most importantly, letting down its fans. Sadly, this problem has spread like a virus, and all over the WWE, brand by brand. I hope that one day, the WWE would reconstruct ECW, and make it a real brand, not some sort of a joke. What is good about ECW is that it is a place to revive old-timers, and test out new talent in the main event. If ECW wants to continue as the C show and wants the training ground for has-beens and youngsters, then they are on the right track. If ECW wants to become an entertaining, blood-pumping A show, then there's lots of work to do...

My opinion: a well-thought analysis by Vafa. Good job on your submission, my friend. I have basically echoed what Vafa wrote in as many posts as I could. It's up to the WWE to see the err of their ways and make ECW what it could be, what it should be, and what is what meant to be: a revolutionary entity here to change the face of professional wrestling, on par with that of Raw or Smackdown. You don't have to like it, but darn it if you don't respect it.

Next week: we take an "intense" look at Vance Archer. In the weeks to come, we look at the fallout of the Burchill/Hurricane war, ECW's existence at Survivor Series, the returns of the ECW Christmas Wish List and ECW predictions for year 2010, and to start off the new year, we look at how the new creative direction for the WWE might affect ECW.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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